Rev. Billy's Chop Shop

Extensions & Hairbands

HotHeads & Hairtalk
Profound & Professional Human Hair Extensions
price determined upon consultation. Call us!

Chops & Detailing

lady & gent
wash & chop $35
precise bang/fringe trim $15+
beard shaping add $15 / alone $20
Buzz Cut $20
Complex Graphics $60

full blowout/iron work
add $30 / alone $35 +
consultation required for:
Up-Do $60 + hourly
dreads $100 hourly
extensions upon consultation


single process $96 +
partial highlight $106 +
full highlight $126 +
lift + tone $127 +
creative color $170 +

color correction, previous box color, or drastic changes upon consultation
Clarifying, Conditioning
or repair Treatments $20-$75

A consultation or deposit is required for all new color clients!
For ALL NEW COLOR CLIENTS, abstract colors, drastic changes, or if your last was box/home color, please call to book. Fee will apply if cancelled less than 24 hrs of appointment time. All prices & services are subject to change depending upon your style complexity, your hair’s length + condition, & of course, your attitude!

Consultations are available & encouraged!

**If you are interested in seeing Rev. Billy please call for his pricing and/or availability.** **Rev. Billy is only taking new clients upon request.**

Our Tools & Products

neuma + Kevin Murphy
Vegan + semi-Organic + Green
no Sulfates, Parabens, or animal testing

Iron Heritage beard oils & Pomade
Professional Grade
Human Tested
Animal Approved

HotHeads Hair Extensions
For more info, frequently asked questions,
& their foundation, Heart of India

oil free + silicone free
hair strengthening solutions

keune professional hair color
Ammonia free Semipermanent
Low Ammonia Permanent
Color Craving Tinted Conditioners
Safe color available for pregnant & breast feeding moms

Pulp Riot & Special Effects
any color in the damn rainbow!!