Rev. Billy's Chop Shop

Extensions & Hairbands

HotHeads & Hairtalk
Profound & Professional Human Hair Extensions, Hair Bands, & clip-in’s
price determined upon consultation. Call us!

Chops & Detailing

=All Genders=
wash, chop, & rough dry $40
bang & nape cleanups $20
beard shaping
Add $15 / Alone $20

Undercut Graphics $10 AddOn
Complex Graphics $60+

Iron styling/Round Brush (Includes wash)
add $40 / alone $80
consultation required for:
Up-Do $100 hourly
dreads $100 hourly
extensions upon consultation

Paintjobs & Treatments

All color services average about $100 an hour.
Service amount is dependent on product usage, length, density, current health of the hair, and the time required to complete your service. Price, duration, and maintenance will all be discussed during the required color consultation. Once the color consultation is complete the day of your service will be reserved.

Clarifying, Conditioning
or repairing Treatments $20-$75

A consultation and deposit is required for all new color & extension clients!
For ALL NEW COLOR CLIENTS, abstract colors, drastic changes, or if your last was box/home color, please call to book. Fee will apply if cancelled less than 24-48 hrs of appointment time. All prices & services are subject to change depending upon your style complexity, your hair’s length, & condition.

Consultations for any service are available & encouraged!

**If you are interested in seeing Rev. Billy please call for his pricing and/or availability.** **If interested in seeing Rachel she is only taking on new clients if service includes color or extensions. Please call for availability.**

Our Tools & Products

Kevin Murphy
100% Ocean Plastics Packaging
no Sulfates, Parabens, or animal testing

Iron Heritage beard oils
Professional Grade
Chicago Made

HotHeads & Hairtalk Extensions
For more info, frequently asked questions,
& foundation, Heart of India

Olaplex Treatments & NO.’s 3 – 7
oil free + silicone free
hair strengthening & repairing solutions

Kevin Murphy Color.Me & KEUNE
Ammonia free Color & Lightening options
Safe color available for pregnant & breast feeding moms

Crazy Color
Rockin’ rainbow mops since 1977!!